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The biggest Advantage of Steel Structure Buildings

By Qingdao Havit Steel Structure Co.,ltd

The biggest Advantage of Steel Structure Buildings

12/13/2012 The biggest advantage of the steel building is that all the steel structure can fabricate in workshop and assemble on site ,due to the small workshop only 1-2 month finished construction but use the reinforced concrete building will take 8 to 12 months ,Economic benefits: the short construction period, can be put to use in advance, to obtain investment returns in advance;use the colourfull single sheet , nice look and improve the dynamic sense of the surrounding environment;Because of the Lightweight , the ground don't need the pile foundation ,save the investment.

Steel Buildings use Single Colour sheet , EPS Sandwich panel and other Single sheet with Insulation ,Good effect of thermal insulation and separated Chapter ,Color steel plate in galvanized substrate and silicone as the surface of the two in addition to two bake processing, better durability
The steel structure construction costs have been lower than the reinforced concrete structure, the greater the span of the plant, its advantage is more obvious which is a big advantage in the competition.

steel building has a good seismic performance, light weight steel structure belongs to the flexible structure, which can effectively reduce the seismic response and disaster impact, highly conducive to the earthquakeAppropriate for demolition relocation: Once the owners are not satisfied with the site or unexpected changes in the external environment, the entire building demolition in a very short period of time, loss is minimal,for all the reinforced concrete building is unable to do this .
because of the many advantages of
steel structures Buildings ,And with the fire safety and the anticorrosion new products emerging in recent years, solve the shortcomings of poor light steel corrosion resistance, so that it has access to a wide range of applications in the industrial plants as well as civilian facilities

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