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Advantages of Steel Structure Workshop

By Qingdao Havit Steel Structure Co.,ltd

Advantages of Steel Structure Workshop

12/13/2012 Steel structure workshop can be applied to the Factory Buildings, Warehouse, office building, gymnasium, garage, etc. Steel structure is not only suitable for the single long span buildings and can also be used to build multilayer or high-rise building.The advantages of steel structure workshop as follows:
1. Aseismicity:Most lower villas are with slope roof, so roof structure basically is triangle roof truss system which is made of cold bend section steel. After sealing the structural plate and gypsum board, light steel structures formed a very strong "plate rib structure system", which has stronger resistance to earthquake and horizontal load ability, suitable for the area with seismic intensity of 8 degrees or above.

  2.Wind resistance: Section steel structure building has many merits, such as light weight, high strength, good rigidity,and the whole deformation ability. Building weight is only one of five of the brick and concrete structure. Steel structure building can resist typhoon of 70 meters per second, can offer effective protection to life and property.   3.Durability: light steel structure housing are all made of Cold-formed thin-walled steel members while steel bone using super anticorrosion high strength cold rolled galvanized sheet, which effectively avoid corrosion of steel plate in the construction and in the process of using, increase the service life of the light steel components. Structure life can reach 100 years.   4.Heat preservation: the thermal insulating materials are usually glass fiber cotton, has good thermal insulation effects. The outer wall heat preservation board, effectively avoid wall "cold bridge" phenomenon. R15 heat preservation cotton with thickness of 100mm can be equivalent to brick wall with thickness of 1 meter.
5. Sound insulation resistance: sound insulation effect evaluation is an important index of the residence.
Light steel structure builidings adopt hollow glass windows, with good sound insulation effect, sound insulation reach 40 decibels; The board wall which was composed of light steel keel and heat preservation materials, the sound insulation effect can reach 60 db.
6.Healthy: assembly operation can reduce waste to environment pollution. The building
steel structure material can be 100% recovery, and other supporting material can also be mostly recovery, accord with the current environmental protection consciousness; All the ingredients are green building materials, can meet the ecological environment requirements and is helpful to health.
7.Comfort: light steel wall using high efficiency and energy saving system, has the respiratory function, which can adjust the indoor humidity; The roof has ventilation function.
  Quick assembly operation is not affected by environment or season. A 300 square metre building can be compeleted within 30 days by only five workers 30 working days. 8. Environmental protection: the material to be 100% recovery, achieves truly green pollution-free.
9. energy conservation: adopt high efficiency and energy saving wall, heat preservation, adiabatic, sound insulation effect is good, can reach 50% of the energy conservation standards

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