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Domestic Carpet Cleaning

By Carpet Cleaning Dublin

11/10/2016 Domestic Carpet Cleaning Dublin

Call The Experts To Clean Your Carpet
Your carpet significantly contributes to your indoor air quality. It traps dust, allergens like pollen and insect waste, plus pollutants like cigarette smoke particles and lead compounds. Each time your kid plays on the carpet, or your pet rests on it, they can pick up infections or get allergic reactions. As you walk on the carpet or vacuum it, the small particles are raised into the air, which care then inhaled and exacerbate respiratory problems. Fix this using professional domestic carpet cleaning services. You also want to come relax in a clean and fresh home. Musky smells from the carpet prevent you from doing so. They are caused by the decaying organic matter in the carpet, plus the occasional urine stain from your pet. The carpet cleaning team will get rid of them from the source. You will be able to come home to an inviting ambience, and impress your guests when they come over.
Business premises witness a high amount of traffic. All kinds of dirt are tracked in under people’s shoes, in addition to the other pollutants and allergens. The constant agitation releases them from the fibres, putting your employees and customers at risk. Regular commercial carpet cleaning will prevent this from happening. You also give your customers a positive perception of you. The cleanliness of your premises has a huge bearing on your business image. You don’t want your customers to associate you with stained carpets and unkempt offices. It speaks volumes of how you handle your other operations. The carpet cleaning team will eliminate the stains and odours, and restore the professional image you desire for your enterprise.
Health Benefits Of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning Services
1. Gets rid of pollutants
Cockroach allergens, pet dander, toxic gas particles and other health hazards are eliminated from your carpet using our high quality machines and processes. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning systems reach deep into the carpet, removing the particles that are ingrained in the fibres. They are brought to the surface, then sucked away under high powered suction. This leaves your carpet clean and fresh.
2. Prevents growth of mould and mildew
Over-wetting during DIY carpet cleaning is a major cause for fungal growth in carpet. First, they form unsightly stains. Secondly, they release spores into the air that can get inhaled and lead to health problems. Avoid the risk. Call in our carpet cleaning team. They come with machinery necessary to eliminate the moisture from the carpet, and the carpet dries in 1 hour. Mould and mildew cannot grow where it's dry.
3. Improved air quality
Removing the contaminants from your carpet means the air in your home or office is more breathable, without any risk to the persons in the premises. Our carpet cleaning team also uses eco-friendly cleaning solutions that pose no threat to Mother Nature, and create no toxic fumes, thus preserving your indoor air quality.
4. Eliminates dust mites
They are crawling in your carpet in thousands. They are nourished by the constant hair and skin particles being shed by your household members and the people walking around your business premises. The faecal material and body fragments left behind are allergens. When the area of infestation is even slightly disturbed, they can be inhaled. In addition, they are a common cause for skin irritation. The high temperatures of the hot water extraction carpet cleaning kills the dust mites, and the suction removes them and their waste together with the rest of the soiling.
5. Prevents fatigue
Carpet cleaning is an arduous job. You don't want it consuming your entire weekend. From moving heavy furniture to ensuring a thorough scrub, plus drying the carpet, it can take a toll on you. Prevent muscle strain by letting us take the load off your back. We come with equipment and cleaning solutions that are effective and will save your time. Spend your energy doing what you love- engaging in the ball game with your buddies, binge watching your favourite TV show, or spending time with family and friends.
Give Us A Call
We’ll protect your investment. Reach us through our free phone line to address your carpet cleaning needs. Our services are affordable, and are determined by factors such as your carpet type and size. You can make bookings and payments through our online systems.
Domestic Carpet Cleaning Dublin

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