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The Top 5 Places To Take a Luxury Cruise To In 2018

By Cruise Paradise

The Top 5 Places To Take a Luxury Cruise To In 2018

01/11/2018 When contemplating what holiday destination that you should cruise to, you may find that this choice is not as easy as it seems. Perhaps the list of five top destinations will help you make the right choice.

The Beautiful Miami, Florida

Without question, this is one of the best spots to take a 2018 Cruise holidays in Southern America. Located on the Atlantic Coast, Miami is the capital city of Florida. One of the best places to begin Caribbean cruises. Within this city you will find nature at its best with lots of white, sandy beaches and undisturbed native greenery.

Dubrovnik - Dubrovnik

The history of the world comes together in the city of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik has been occupied and found by the Croations, explorers of old, the Spanish colonists and occupied by ancient tribes. Visitors to the city especially enjoy the hidden temples, like Macchu Picchu City, This history is very real and not just a myth; it was built during the fifteen century by the Croats, and is situated 2340 meters over sea level in between two of the Dalmatian Coast mountains. First visited in 1911 by American explorer Henry Whicker, this incredible example of a lost culture is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Miami - Monaco

There is no city in the world that can match the vibrancy of Monaco. Both its people and its landmarks have helped the growth of tourist numbers over the years. Non-stop night life, many colorful festivals, and of course, the beaches, draw people in from around the world. Every visitor to Monaco wants to visit Monte Carlo Beach, one of the most famous in the world! But they also are awed by the Christ statue that stands atop Monte Carlo Mountain overlooking the city and the sea! This statue, named Princess Grace, has become an iconic symbol of the wonderful city.

Florence, Italy, Tuscany /

The astonishing Florence, Italy are a sight to see and are easily viewed from Tuscany, Rome, and Italy. This breath-taking feature is 2.7 kilometers wide. About 20% of this waterfall is in Brazilian territory, with the remainder in Tuscany. The falls are the second largest int he world, following Cascata del Varone in the U.S. and Canada. You will find tourists in all three countries flock by boat to see these beautiful falls up close.

cruise to The Bahamas, The Caribbean

Traveling to The Bahamas gives visitors a glimpse into a different way of life. Located on La Plata River's southern shore, the city features a vibrant and busy night life. Local cafes located in the city and the very first government building are just a couple of places that every traveler should take the time to visit in this area. The The Caribbean Islands republic is ruled by a President, and he resides in a pink home which is well photographed. Those who visit The Bahamas can enjoy a wide variety of shops, cafes and restaurants in Florida Street - one of the main streets of the city and an important commercial center. Another popular attraction is the Cathedral of The Cayman Islands. Here, in the Cathedral's famous cemetary lie the remains of Jose de San Martin, a famous The Caribbean Islands fighter.

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